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When cities burn and armies turn
and flee in dissaray.
cowards will cry, tis best to fly
and fight another day.
But warriors know it in their marrow
and their heart and soul,
Tis best to have fought and died
then never to have fought at all.

Trust and respect your brothers and sisters

Belive in your elders to guide your cabal

We are all equals....treat others and be treated as one

The Sons of Wani are a guild that will span over three servers for The Secret World. Each sever will have a dedicated "Sons of Wani Cabal" for a certain faction. This way we will be able to cater to all of our friends and familiy who wish to play diffrent factions in The Secret World. We will try to cater to every gaming type wether it be casual or hardcore. We will have one "Elder" on every server which will provide final answers for all cabal activities. Every three months we will have elections for the head of the cabal on every server. This way, our cabal members wil not have sole responsibilities thrown on them constantly and be able to relax. At all times there will be one Cabal elder and one Cabal Head. The Cabal head and the Cabal Elder will colaborate to insure fun for all of our Cabal members.

We are a MATURE group so foul language is to be expected.

***Thank you for your intrest in the Sons of Wani***

Guild News    

Guild News

Huoshini, Sep 6, 11 4:59 PM.
Check back here for news on Cabal happenings and chat meet-ups.
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When applying for the Sons of Wani, all we ask is that you help your fellow members, be respectfull and have fun!
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